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Voetsak 25

Voetsak 25

Ref: ot-voet
Parts set for the Belair Voetsak 25, includes all laser cut ply and balsa parts. Small amount of strip and sheet required to complete. Metal bellcrank and plans included.

Price: 50.00 Inc VAT

55.00 USD | 59.19 EUR

Jasco Flamingo - Parts and Plan set

Ref: ot-flaming
Parts set for the Jasco Flamingo, 89 inch span for 40 size i/c or 500 watt electric. Plans supplied are for the original FF version and will require small modifcations for RC Assist.  Parts Set includes ...

Price: 75.00 Inc VAT

82.50 USD | 88.79 EUR

Thermalist Vintage Glider

Thermalist Vintage Glider

Ref: ot-thermaliust
Absolute giant of a model, the Thermalist spans 132 inches or 11feet. Traditional all wood, built up struture with sensible modifcations to Radio Control, including alloy wing joiner tube system, modified ...

Price: 110.00 Inc VAT

121.00 USD | 130.22 EUR

Popsie 60 Cowl

Ref: ot-popcwl
Damaged your Popsie 60 cowl, this is the replacement vac-formed in abs.

Price: 14.00 Inc VAT

15.40 USD | 16.57 EUR

Kloud King 1938 - 74

Kloud King 1938 - 74" span for RC Assist

Ref: ot-kkingok
Kloud King RC Assist Vintage model, for .40 power or 600 watt electric. The original Mickey DeAngelis  Kloud King appeared in 1938, this here is a later version for RC. The Belair parts ...

Price: 65.00 Inc VAT

71.50 USD | 76.95 EUR

Wing Set for Bates Provost

Ref: jb-provwk
Just need a set fo wing parts to repair a damaged model? Then this pack contains all the shaped parts in balsa and plywood to build a new wing. Just add strip and sheet.

Price: 125.00 Inc VAT

137.50 USD | 147.98 EUR

Ladybird Bipe by Pridmore rubber model

Ladybird Bipe by Pridmore rubber model

Ref: ot-ladybipe
Ladybird designed by HJ Pridmore published in Aeromodeller in April 1948  34in span for rubber power Includes full size plans and laser cut parts - builder ...

Price: 50.00 Inc VAT

55.00 USD | 59.19 EUR

Sinbad glider parts set & plans

Sinbad glider parts set & plans

Ref: ot-sinb
Great looking semi-scale vintag eglider deisgned by Bill Effinger. Traditional all wood construction makes into a light, strong structure. Parts set will save you hours if tedious cutting and includes ...

RRP: 80.00 Inc VAT
Price: 80.00 Inc VAT

88.00 USD | 94.70 EUR

Ebeneer Fokker D7 by J Watters

Ebeneer Fokker D7 by J Watters

Ref: ot-ebend7
The designer writes With the present trend in Aeromodelling to most things nostalgic, some of the more mature modellers amongst us will remember an all sheet biplane model, originating from 1958. Yes it ...

Price: 35.00 Inc VAT

38.50 USD | 41.43 EUR

Harry Brooks

Harry Brooks "Reb" - Aerobatic model

Ref: ot-reb
Reb designed by Harry Brooks in 1963  69in span for 40 size motors This is the model, flown by Harry Brooks when part of the Great Britain team in the 1962 World Radio ...

Price: 100.00 Inc VAT

110.00 USD | 118.38 EUR

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