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Vailly Aviation Accessories

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Scale Spinner - Tempest by Vailly

Ref: vai-tempsp
Scale alumumium spinner for Vailly Tempest

Se-5 1/3rd scale Accessory pack

Ref: vai-se5accs
Accessory parts available are: a vacuum formed head rest set and vacuum formed engine valve covers (2 covers). 

se-5 1/3rd scale Plan Set

Ref: vai-se5pl
Genuine Vailly plan set for the Se5 The plans consist of 6 large sheets and show all structures and templates drawn full size. All sheets are 34 inches wide and 10 to 12 feet in length.

Stinson L-5 Cowl

Ref: vai-l5cwl
Genuine fiberglass accessory for your Stinson L-5 - 2 scales

Stinson L-5 Sentinal Plan - 2 scale

Ref: vai-l5plan
Large multi sheet plans for the Vailly Sentinal L-5. Well drawn and showing all constructional details.

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