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Stits Playboy

Stits Playboy

Ref: tmp-stits

The Stits Playboy was designed by Ray Stits many years ago as a homebuilt plane. Many were built and as far as we can determine, no two were ever built the same. Our 1/3 scale Stits plans show how most looked. The plane is of conventional construction and easy to build. The Stits has a sturdy one piece wing that features a semi-symmetrical reflexed airfoil. The Stits is quite aerobatic and is fairly fast. The Stits is an out of the ordinary plane with excellent looks and flight performance.

Wingspan – 88” Wing area – 1584 sq. in. Weight – 18-22 lb. Power – 42-52 cc gas

Price: 245.00 Inc VAT
269.50 USD | 290.03 EUR

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