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Ercoupe 1/4 and 1.5th scale - Parts Set

Ercoupe 1/4 and 1.5th scale - Parts Set

Ref: tmp-ercpk

Ercoupe The Ercoupe was a very popular civilian aircraft that has been flown by thousands. The military even drafted this great flying plane into the service. Our plans were designed by noted giant scale modeler Jim Messer in the 1980's, so this design has met the test of time. Our Ercoupe is a sport scale all wood model that makes a good first or second giant scale plane. Built of balsa, basswood and ply, the Ercoupe features a scale one piece wing, wood and stringered fuselage, and the distinctive twin rudders. Ailerons and rudder are independent of each other. The Ercoupe can be flown aerobatic if desired. The Ercoupe is a Great Flier! Documentation packs available from designer.

Belair's Parts Set includes all the shaped balsa and plywood parts, such as formers, bulkheads, wing ribs, tip shapes, etc, saving you hours of tedious cutting.

Two scales available: SPECS: 1/4 Scale Ercoupe Wingspan – 90” Wing Area – 1250 sq. in. Weight – 18-20 lb. Power – 42 cc gas or similar

SPECS: 1/5 Scale Ercoupe span – 72" area – 870 sq. in. weight – 11-12 lb. Power – 26 cc gas or 1.2– 1.5 glow

Price: 195.00 Inc VAT
214.50 USD | 230.84 EUR

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