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Stinson L-5 Sentinal - Vailly Parts Set

Stinson L-5 Sentinal - Vailly Parts Set

Ref: vai-l5pk

The STINSON L-5 “Sentinel” is an ideal model for those who want to scratch build an economical giant scale warbird with docile flight characteristics. Probably one of the best "warbugs" for flying off of all types of fields (grass or pavement) in all types of weather. Nick named "The flying Jeep", it handles all field conditions with ease. Construction is an all wood built-up structure that is simple and straight forward utilizing conventional materials and assembly techniques. The model features a two piece wing design for easy transportation and yet provides easy assembly/disassembly at the field.  Parts available as options are: fiberglass cowl, formed and welded wire landing gear, vacuum-formed plastic L.G. covers and blisters and dummy exhaust stacks.  A five channel radio is required. 

Vailly Aviation also offers a 1/3 scale version of the famous Stinson L-5.

The 1/3 scale version is a 33% enlargement of our very successful 1/4 scale design which have been adjusted and redrawn. Optional accessory parts available are: a fiberglass cowl, and vacuum-formed plastic L.G. strut covers and blisters and dummy exhaust stacks. The construction is similar to the 1/4 scale version, but a lot bigger. A five channel radio is required.

Specfications: 1/4 Scale Wingspan:102 inches Wing Area:1350 sq.inches Overall Length: 72 inches  Weight 18 - 22 Lbs. Engine Quadra Q-42, Zenoah G-38

Specifications: 1/3 Scale Wingspan: 136 inches  Wing Area:  2574 sq.inches Overall Length 98 inches


Both parts sets include all the laser cut balsa and plywood parts required to build the basic airframe, such as fuselage sides, firewall, formers, wing ribs, tail ribs, fin and tail parts. Plan and accessories are not included and additional stripwood is required to complete the model.

Price: 225.00 Inc VAT
247.50 USD | 266.36 EUR

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