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DH-110 Sea Vixen Parts Set

DH-110 Sea Vixen Parts Set

Ref: ks-vixenpk

The latest turbine model from Kerry Sterner. Designed and tested to the same high standard as Kerry's Vampire, the DH Vixen is an all wood construction jet design.

SPECS: DH-110 FAW-1 De Havilland Sea Vixen 1/8th scale Wing Span: 76.5” O.A.L.: 83.4” Dry weight 28lb. > 30lb. Power: 26lb.(12N) > 36lb.(16N) Turbine. Construction : All Wood. Scale features: Fowler Flaps.



Accessories available: ● Canopy (Belair) ● Scale Retractable L/G w/ Scale Wheels and brakes ● F/G Radom/Nose cone &  F/G Inlets (Belair Kits) ● S.S. Bifurcated Tail pipe ● Fowler Flap Hardware Pkg.


The Belair Parts set includes all intricately cut parts for the airframe, including formers, bulkheads, Wing ribs, tail and fin parts, boom parts plus many other components. 

Price: 350.00 Inc VAT
402.50 USD | 343.00 EUR

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