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C-119 Flying Boxcar Parts set - Palmer

C-119 Flying Boxcar Parts set - Palmer

Ref: pp-c119pk

Fairchild "Flying Boxcar" C-119G Scale: 1:12 Wingspan: 109.25" Length: 86.5" Weight: 19 Lbs 7.85 oz.

Features the newest design in the 1:12 scale Palmer series, the Fairchild "Flying Boxcar" C-119G with a wingspan of 109.25". It is powered by 2-O.S.91FX's, 2 cycle engines, has a wing area of 1447 sq, in., a length of 86.5" & a target weight of 19 lbs. 7.85 oz.

The wing loading is 30.68 oz. per sq. ft., operation is 6 channel full house including scale retracts (by Century Jet) & Fowler flaps. Construction is conventional using balsa & lite ply. With removable wing tips & detachable booms, the transportable width is a mere 37-1/8" wide.

The parts set is laser cut and includes all the shaped balsa and plwyood parts required to build the basic airframe. Formers, wing ribs, aileron and flap ribs, bulkeads, 100s of accurately cut parts are included.

Price: 450.00 Inc VAT
517.50 USD | 441.00 EUR

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